Worktop Repairs

​The kitchen can be one of the busiest rooms in a modern household. With all this usage it is inevitable that sooner or later your worktop will pick up some wear and tear in the form of chips, scratches or even burns. You are then faced with the option to repair or to replace.

Here at Fixation we believe that repairing worktop is the most cost-effective and least intrusive option in nearly all cases.

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?​

​It can save you money. The Cost of replacing a worktop could run into hundreds if not thousands, there are a lot of factors involved here.Firstly the price of a new worktop, then possibly plumber’s and electrician’s bills, in many cases tiles would be damaged which would need replacing and all this takes a significant amount of time of which is so precious to us with our busy lifestyles.

Would The Repair Be Visible?​
​​Our technicians repair many worktops every year and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. In most cases, the repairs we carry out are virtually undetectable. From burns, scratches and chips our repairs should leave your worktop looking like new.

Is The Repair Guaranteed To Last?
Yes! We are so confident in our technicians ability, providing our aftercare instructions are adhered too, all our repairs come with a one year guarantee.

​Do you have a worktop that needs repairing? If so contact our friendly team today we would love to help.​ We provide quality, reliable, efficient and professional worktop repair services in Essex & Luton.