Veneer & Laminate Repairs

Do you have damage to a kitchen cabinet or a scratched veneer door? We feel you should consider repair as a far less expensive, environmentally friendly alternative to replacement.

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?

Changing a kitchen cabinet can be a time consuming, fiddly job, one that relies on the fact that you have a replacement that matches. We specialise in repairing the damage with the minimum of fuss and to a standard that replacement really isn’t necessary. This saves you financially and also helps the environment as it means less going to landfill sites around the country.

Would The Repair Be Visible?

​​​Our technicians repair many items every year and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. In most cases, the repairs we carry out are virtually undetectable. From burns, scratches and chips our repairs should leave your veneers and laminates looking like new.

​Are The Repairs Guaranteed To Last?

Yes! We are so confident in our technicians ability, providing our aftercare instructions are adhered too, all our repairs come with a one year guarantee.

Do you have damaged kitchen cabinet or door that needs veneer repairing? If so contact our friendly team today in Essex and Luton, we would love to help.