UPVC Repairs

We often see window sills where a ladder or another heavy object has been dropped resulting in unsightly often irreparable looking damage. This can make your home look unsightly and in some cases difficult to sell or rent.
We can repair most damage to UPVC in a fairly short amount of time and with minimal disruption.

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?

The cost of replacing a damaged UPVC window or door can be quite expensive and it’s not always possible to get an exact match to your existing windows. Also, repairs are far less disruptive and leave no remedial work to the surrounding bricks or interior decor. We feel repair really is the best option when it comes to damaged UPVC.

Would The Repair Be Visible?

​Our technicians repair a lot of UPVC every year and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. In most cases, the repairs we carry out are virtually undetectable. From cracks, scratches, chips even a colour change our repairs should leave your UPVC looking like new.

Can You Repair UPVC That Isn’t White?

Yes! Not all UPVC is white. Our technicians are able to colour match by eye so virtually any repair is possible. We can also change the colour completely to a custom colour of your choice and also repair the many different shades of timber effect UPVC that is on the market.

Do you have damaged UPVC that needs repairing? If so contact our friendly team today we would love to help.