Stone & Brick Repairs

Stone Sills have become very popular with a lot of housing developers. Although they make a great looking addition to the front of your property they can be easily damaged. We can apply our specialist repair techniques to make them look like new.

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?

Replacing bricks and stones is a time consuming laborious job, this can also cause major disruption to both the interior and exterior of your property. We can repair most problems in as little as a few hours meaning less disruption and financial savings for you.

Would The Repair Be Visible?

Our Technicians are able to colour match to the existing bricks or stones and also recreate the texture too.
This should leave our repairs virtually undetectable. From cracked stones to chipped bricks our repairs should leave you home looking like new.

Are The Repairs Guaranteed To Last?

Yes! We are so confident in our technicians ability, providing our aftercare instructions are adhered too, all our repairs come with a one year guarantee.

Do you have damaged stones that needs repairing? If so contact our friendly team today we would love to help. We provide quality, reliable and efficient Stone & Brick Repairs services in Essex & Luton.