Shower Tray Repairs

​​​Dropped items are the main cause of shower tray damage resulting in chips, cracks, scratches etc. We have the expertise to repair the tray in situ eliminating the need for a costly replacement.

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?

The cost of replacing a shower tray could potentially run into thousands. From the cost of a new tray to broken tiles which may no longer be available, the costs could soon mount up. Another consideration is the amount of time that replacement could potentially take, our repairs normally take around 2 hours with a further 24 hours cure time.
This means you would be showering again in no time at all.

Would The Repair Be Visible?

Our technicians repair many shower trays every year and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.
In most cases, the repairs we carry out are virtually undetectable. From cracks, scratches, chips even leaking trays our repairs should leave your shower tray looking like new.

Can You Repair Shower Trays That Aren’t White?

Yes! Not all shower trays are white. Our technicians are able to colour match by eye so virtually any repair is possible.

Do you have a shower tray that needs repairing? If so contact our friendly Essex & Luton team today we would love to help.