Bath Repairs

There are numerous reasons why repairing your bath is preferable to replacement. Whether made from enamel or plastic our experts can restore almost any damaged bath back to a usable and in most cases perfect finish.

Why Repair Rather Than Replace?

It can save you money. The Cost of replacing a bath could run into hundreds if not thousands, there are a lot of factors involved here.
​Firstly the price of a new bath, then there are plumber’s bills, in many cases, tiles would be damaged which would need replacing and all this takes a significant amount of time of which is so precious to us with our busy lifestyles.

Would The Repair Be visible?

​Our technicians repair many enamel as well as plastic sinks every year and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. In most cases, the repairs we carry out are virtually undetectable. From cracks, scratches and chips our repairs should leave your sink looking like new.

Can You Repair Baths That Aren’t White?

Yes! Not all baths are white. Our technicians are able to colour match by eye so virtually any repair is possible.
Do you have a bathtub that needs repairing? If so contact our friendly team today we would love to help.