Hard Surface Repairs

Here at Fixation we are not only able to repair hard surfaces to original condition, we are also happy to custom change surfaces to almost any finish. We carry out our repairs on-site, in your home or if need be in our custom built painting facility. All of our hard surface repairs provide a long lasting durable finish and carry a 1-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

We can repair most hard surfaces including Scratched Glass, Kitchen Cabinets, Worktops, Laminates, Baths, Shower Trays, Tiles, Sinks, Stainless Steel, Radiators, Stone, Bricks, Doors, Flooring, GRP, UPVC, Frames and Powder Coated Surfaces.

Most of our repairs work out significantly cheaper than replacement so why not call us today to see how we can help you.

Bath Repairs

There are numerous reasons why repairing your bath is preferable to replacement. Whether made from enamel or plastic our experts can restore almost any damaged bath back to a usable and in most cases a perfect finish.

Shower Tray Repairs

Dropped items are the main cause of shower tray damage resulting in chips, cracks, scratches etc. We have the expertise to repair the tray in situ eliminating the need for a costly replacement.

Sink Repairs

Plastic or enamel sinks can often be damaged from dropped heavy objects. This can be extra troublesome if you can no longer source a replacement that matches the rest of your bathroom suite.

Worktop Repairs

The kitchen can be one of the busiest rooms in a modern household. With all the usage it is inevitable that sooner or later your worktop is going to pick up some damage. You are then faced with the option to repair or replace.

UPVC Repairs

We often see window sills where a ladder or other heavy object has been dropped resulting in unsightly often irreparable looking damage. This can make your home look unsightly and in some cased difficult to sell or rent.

Laminate Floor Repairs

Although  Laminate flooring is tough and easy to install, due to it’s smooth finish it makes it easy to spot damage. We often come across chips and scratches and are asked what can be done as replacement could mean a huge task.

Tile Repairs

Although very common throughout the home, tiles can be brittle and easily damaged, this can not only look unsightly but in some cases create a haven for bacteria to flourish. We have years of experience repairing tiles of all shapes, sizes and finished.

Stone & Brick Repairs

Stone sill shave become very popular with a lot of housing developers. Although they make a great looking addition to the front of your property they can be easily damaged. We can apply our specialist repair techniques to make them look new.

Veneer & Laminate Repairs

Do you have damaged to a kitchen cabinet or a scratched veneer door? We feel you should consider repair as a less expensive, environmentally friendly alternative to replacement.