Laminate is made from pressed wood which means it is relatively durable, but that doesn’t mean its impervious to damage. In particular, it can be affected by water damage because a high moisture content in the air can lead to buckling or warping.

Since it’s usually installed in high traffic areas, such as kitchens, it’s also more likely to become worn out over time than flooring in other rooms.

If you love the colour and style of your laminate but it’s become scratched or chipped, our team can come to the rescue. 

Because many manufacturers provide laminate flooring with an interlocking system, having a scratch might lead you to believe the whole floor must be replaced. However, this simply isn’t the case. In 99% of instances Fixation Surface Repairs can carry out laminate floor repairs that give your flooring a new lease of life.

At Fixation Surface Repair Specialists Ltd we can repair a wide range of hard-surfaces, including laminate flooring and countertops. Based in Essex, we are surface repair specialists who work on a wide range of projects for both homeowners and businesses.

Our repairs will not only make your laminates look like new, but provided you follow our after-care instructions, our repairs are guaranteed to last.

For more information on our laminate repairs, please call 0845 544 3752.