Do you have damage to your UPVC window or door frames? Whether you’re worried about cracks or burn marks, our skilled technicians regularly carry out repairs on this type of material.

UPVC (otherwise known as PVC-U) has been the most popular option for window and door frames for a long time. There are a number of reasons for this: it is the most energy efficient type of frame along with the most cost-effective, costing 20-30% less than timber frames and 30% less than aluminium.

UPVC is extremely tough and known for having incredible resistance against chemicals, sunlight and oxidation from water. But that doesn’t make it completely immune to damage; if a ladder or heavy object hits the surface, it can cause cracks, and the heat of fire can cause unattractive burn marks

Why choose to have your window frames repaired?

Since the price of UPVC windows and doors can be high, it makes much more sense to have them repaired. Fixation Surface Repair Specialists Limited can make the highest quality repairs, colouring matching with the existing material (even if it’s not the standard white).

Why not discover more about our UPVC repairs today? Or simply get in touch with our team today.

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