Don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands on a new countertop?

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists have the ability to repair a huge range of hard surfaces, including countertops made of a variety of materials.

With our reliable and quality service, you can restore your surfaces to their former glory. We help a wide variety of clients including landlords, homeowners, tradesmen and tenants.

Whatever’s happened to your countertop, we’ll ensure that where ever possible, it’s repaired to the highest standards. From large cracks to chips, our team are capable of repairing all sorts of damage. When it comes to worktops, we can save you a significant amount of money, preventing you from having to replace the surface altogether.

Burns, scratches and chips- we can fix all sorts of damage. 

Whether you have an old laminate countertop or granite worktop, we will work hard to make the damage look invisible. We can even tackle burns in many cases, even if they look irreversible.

Since our technicians are highly experienced, they can ensure that repairs are long-lasting. They will also provide after-care instructions and repairs come with a one-year guarantee. We’ll ensure that any repairs are extremely cost-effective and that we use the least intrusive option.

Find out more about our worktop repairs in Essex & Luton today, or simply get in touch with our team today on 0845 544 3752.