Do you have defects in your stonework that need correcting?

Instead of enlisting somebody to carry out the laborious job of replacing stone, why not prevent such major disruptions and have it repaired instead?

Different types of stone have different levels of durability and weathering abilities, with some highly affected by moisture if they have a low porosity.

These types of stones are much more likely to become damaged by frost attacks, particularly if they get wet easily. Meanwhile, some stonework has also been incorrectly laid which makes it much more liable to damage.

Whether the damage is indoors or outdoors, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can repair a wide range of hard surfaces quickly and inexpensively, including all kinds of stone.

Our professional team regularly make repairs to stone and brickwork, including stone sills, which have become extremely popular with housing developers but are liable to degrade. Assiduous, hard-working and committed to the highest standards, our professional team can make your stone surfaces look just like new.

Why not check out previous examples of our stone repairs to see what we can do?

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