Don’t want the hassle of replacing a damaged bathtub? Our technicians are the equivalent of having a plastic surgeon for your sink or bathtub.

Whether you have rust-coloured stains near the taps or the tub has been damaged by a heavy object, don’t despair- we can banish those defects permanently.

As you might imagine, having it repaired is not only much less stressful but can save you hundreds to thousands of pounds. This is particularly true if you have a bathtub made of cultured marble, ceramic or stone.

If you need a team that offer bathtub repairs, Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists can restore your bathroom surfaces to their former glory for a highly competitive price.

Whether your bathtub is made of ceramic, enamel or plastic, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can repair all sorts of chips, cracks, stains or dents.

We will not only make sure your bathtub is 100% useable but it has a perfect finish. Whatever colour your bathtub might be, our technicians can make the perfect colour match so the repair is indistinguishable from the rest of the surface. We can also make repairs to any tiles and ensure they blend seamlessly into existing tilework.

If you would like to discuss any of our repairs with our team, simply contact us today.

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