Whether you need repairs to your laminate countertops or flooring, our expert technicians can make it look like new.

Since it’s durable and stain-resistant, laminate is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms and is particularly suited to high-traffic areas. Both easy to maintain and extremely affordable, along with being highly versatile, it can look like other materials and is able to simulate natural hardwoods that are otherwise highly expensive.

Laminate is also resistant to many outdoor agents that discolour other materials and UV light resistant, making it ideal for conservatories or sunrooms.

Just because your flooring has suffered damaged, doesn’t mean the whole thing needs replacing.

However, although laminate is extremely durable, because it’s installed in high traffic locations it’s liable to scratches, chips and dents. It is also important to keep it dry, because water can cause it to swell or warp.

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists are ideal for homeowners, tenants and landlords needing all sorts of hard surface repairs, including those to laminate or wood. As you can see by our gallery, we can make damage vanish like magic. Our veneer and laminate repairs are ideal for countertops, kitchen cabinets, doors and floors.

Our aim is to save people both money and hassle when having hard surfaces repaired, along with making the world a more environmentally-friendly place.

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