Are chipped tiles ruining the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen?

Broken tiles not only look unsightly but can be a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly if they’re in a bathroom or kitchen. Instead of ordering expensive replacements which probably won’t match the original tiles, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can fix any chipped, cracked or scratched tiles.

Our team understand that replacing tiles can be extremely tricky and there’s often damage to the surrounding tiles. By making high quality repairs we can save you significant time, hassle and money.

Our tile repairs are so seamless, you won’t be able to detect the damage once finished. We can carry out repairs without disturbing the surrounding areas.

We have many years of experience making repairs to chipped, scratched and cracked tiles, including those in all sizes, shapes and with all kinds of finishes. We can also supply aftercare instructions to ensure our repairs are long lasting.

Tiles are just one of the many hard surfaces are expert technicians can repair, along with baths, shower trays, sinks, worktops, laminate floors, stone and brick, veneers and laminates.

To discuss our tile repairs today, simply get in touch on 0845 544 3752 or email