Chipped tiles aren’t only unattractive, whether they’re in kitchens or bathrooms, they’re breeding grounds for bacteria. This kind of damage often occurs when a hard object on the right angle is dropped onto the surface.

One of the advantages of tiling rather than uniform flooring is that if one or two tiles are damaged, only they must be replaced – not the entire floor. Fixation Surface Repair regularly carry out expert tile repairs, including those which are chipped, cracked or scratched.

As you can see from our ‘before and after’ pictures, we can work wonders on even the most damaged tiles. Repairs will save you time and money compared to having them replaced. Our trained technicians can make your tiles look just like new, whatever their shape, size or finish. We regularly make repairs to both porcelain and ceramic tiles, even if they have damage that looks like a crater!

Having worked on all kinds of projects, we know exactly how to make the damage vanish like magic. All our repairs come with a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind. Whether the tiles are chipped, cracked or scratched, we promise the damage will be virtually undetectable.

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