Changing a kitchen cabinet can be extremely fiddly and time-consuming, while repairs are much more affordable, not to mention much more environmentally-friendly.

Kitchen cabinets can easily become damaged from simple wear-and-tear. If you have beautiful cabinets that you want fixed to the highest standards, you can’t go wrong with Fixation Surface Repair Specialists Ltd, who are specialists in fixing all sorts of surfaces.

We frequently carry out veneer and laminate repairs with unbeatable finesse, ensuring that they look exactly like new once we’re finished. All our repairs come with a one year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Whether you require repair, colour change, improvement or modification, we can help.

We offer what’s known as a Kitchen Chameleon Service which can save you money on replacing your old kitchen carcasses and doors. Instead, we can make repairs and colour changes that make your kitchen look just like new.

Based in Essex & Luton, our company work in a wide range of locations across the UK and can repair all sorts of hard surfaces, including those found in the kitchen and bathroom.

For more information about our kitchen cabinet repairs, simply get in touch today.

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