Have you dropped a heavy object and have a large unsightly crack ruining your sink? Or have you suffered chips in the surface?

Although cracks are often caused by heavy objects, in porcelain sinks it can be due to rapid or extreme changes in temperature. Whether it’s made of porcelain, plastic or enamel, repairs are always more cost-effective than replacing the sink. This is especially true for ceramic sinks, which are usually highly expensive.

A new sink can not only cost hundreds of pounds but you’ll have to endure the inconvenience of the installation in the meantime. This will mean retiling and replumbing which can be extremely time consuming.

Meanwhile, having repairs is not only more affordable but much better for the environment, since you’re not just throwing materials away.

A fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Fixation Surface Repair Specialists regularly carry out repairs on enamel sinks. Whether your enamel is traditional white or another colour, our technicians can make repairs so the damage is invisible.

Whether the sink is in your bathroom or kitchen, our skilled technicians can restore it to its former glory for a highly competitive price.

If you need a team for enamel sink repairs, simply get in touch today.

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