Do you have a beautiful enamel sink that’s suffered damage?

When you think about how often your sink is used it’s amazing it doesn’t suffer from damage more often. It’s likely every member of your household uses it every morning and evening, so it’s not surprising repairs are required at one point or another.

One of the most common causes of damage is when a heavy object is dropped into the basin, leading to cracks or chips. Although there are a number of DIY products on the market for this type of damage, they’ll never be as effective as calling in a professional.

Whether you’ve suffered from chips, scratches, small holes or stains, Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists regularly carry out enamel sink repairs.

No matter what colour or size it might be, our team can make your basin look just like new. We can make repairs to enamel sinks of any colour, not just those which are standard white.

Our team understand that you want repairs because it’s much cheaper than replacing the sink. That’s why we’ll always work hard and as inexpensive as possible. Once we’re done, the damage should be undetectable and your sink will look like new.

If you need enamel sink repairs, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

0845 544 3752.