Have you dropped a heavy item in your sink and heard a loud crack? Discovered damage that’s either unsightly or dangerous?

Whether it’s caused hairline cracks, chips or dents, there are many reasons to have a sink repaired rather than replaced. Firstly, it’s more affordable and could save you significant amounts of money. Secondly, it’s much less hassle and will cause less interruption to your routine. It’s also much better for the environment since your old sink won’t end up at a landfill.

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists Limited can carry out all sorts of sink repairs, including those to enamel, acrylic and ceramic basins.

Whether your sink is based in the kitchen or bathroom, our technicians can colour match your current surface. We’ll always make sure it matches the rest of your bathroom suite.

Once we’re finished, the damage will look invisible, with long-lasting repairs that make your sink look like new.

Highly experienced, our technicians have repaired hundreds of sinks, saving our clients time and money.

For more information on our sink repairs, simply get in touch today.

0845 544 3752 or (mobile) 07852 981 018.