Do you have beautiful tiles that have suffered damage? Would you like to have them restored to their former glory?

Whether they’re scratched, chipped or cracked, Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists can work their magic and make them look just like new. Our clients include homeowners, landlords, tradespeople, tenants and national house builders.

Our technicians repair all sorts of hard surfaces in people’s homes and businesses, therefore reducing the amount of household waste that ends up in landfills and saving you money at the same time. 81% of household waste ends up in landfills, according to, which is something which needs to change.

Whether you have bathroom or kitchen tiles, or beautiful tiled flooring that needs repairs, our team can carry out repairs for the most competitive price.

No matter if you want to make a repair, colour change, improvement or modification, we can work on all sorts of parts of a building.

You might be amazed by what we can do. With Fixation Surface Repairs, you won’t have to rely on a skip to get rid of old household waste.

If you need experts in chipped tiles, simply get in touch with our team today.

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