Have the stone sills on your property become damaged and could benefit from repairs?

Cracked stone can happen for all sorts of reasons, including a weak foundation, damage due to damp, the growth of tree roots, weather damage and road traffic vibrations.

One of the common parts of a home which are made of stone and susceptible to damage are stone sills, since they are insubstantial and therefore easily damaged. If they are made of sandstone, they can often end up deteriorating with age due to exposure to rain and snow.

Replacing stone can be an extremely time-consuming and an expensive job, which is why it’s always worth considering having it repaired instead.

Fixation Surface Repair Specialists regularly make repairs to stone sills, which have become extremely popular with housing developers and make a great addition to your property.

Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can carry out both stone and brick repairs to the highest possible standards, so that any damage is there forth invisible. We can repair most problems in only a couple of hours, saving you time and money on replacements.

Our technicians can also provide you with after-care instructions, to help you keep your building in the best condition.

If you have cracked stone or brickwork that needs repairs, simply get in touch today.

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