Panicking about the cost of replacing a kitchen worktop? If you love your current design, why not have it repaired by our expert team instead?

Kitchen worktops become spoiled for all sorts of reasons, from dropping a heavy object to hot water stains spoiling the varnish.

Since this room is one of the busiest in the house, it’s incredible that this sort of damage doesn’t occur more often- think of how often we put down heavy pans, use sharp knives and spill hot drinks over the course of a year!

Luckily, modern kitchen worktops are designed to be as hard-wearing and resistant as possible, but cracks, chips and scratches can still occur, no matter how careful we are.

If you have a beautiful kitchen worktop that needs repair, Fixation Surface Repairs is always keen to help.

Once our technicians have completed your worktop repairs, the damage should be completely invisible- no matter how terrible it looked beforehand.

Whether the worktop was damaged while being fitted or is an expensive material that’s been in your kitchen for many years, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can make it look just like new. We will also provide excellent after-care instructions for your worktop.

Based in Essex and Luton, we provide a friendly and expert service for all our valued customers.

Discover more about our kitchen worktop repairs today.