Kitchen sinks take a lot of abuse – I think this is something we can all agree on. Eventually, your sink is going to need a repair, and when it does, you’re going to need someone to fix it. That’s where we come in.

Fixation Surface Repair Specialists are masters at Kitchen Sink Repairs, as well as all other surface damage. Our fully experienced and trained technicians are always happy to come to the rescue.

Whether you have a more modern stainless steel sink, or a traditional, highly sought after enamel sink, we can handle any repair you may need.

Our staff and technicians are all highly trained and will carry out repairs that will be virtually undetectable. From cracks and chips to scratches, our repairs will leave your sink looking like new. On top of this, our technicians are masters at colour matching by eye, so you don’t need to worry if your sink is not white!

We pride ourselves on our high standard of workmanship and our high level of customer service. We provide many of our clients with an aftercare service, meaning we will liaise with clients directly and book convenient appointments for surface repairs to be carried out.

If you would like to contact Fixation Surface Repair Specialists to discuss your Kitchen Sink Repairs, please fill in the form on our site. Alternatively you can email us at or call directly on either 0845 544 3752 or 07852 981 018.