Want to make a damaged sink look just like new?

Replacing a sink can be a huge inconvenience, not to mention hugely expensive. If you want to save money and have it repaired instead, simply get in touch with our team at Fixation Surface Repair Specialists.

Established in 2016, we offer a reliable and quality service for the repairs of hard surfaces, including enamel sinks of any colour.

Whether your sink is enamel or acrylic and is classic white, pea green or seashell pink, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can make any damage look invisible, repairing your sink so it’s just as strong as it was before. We can not only make repairs but modifications and improvements to your existing design.

We have in-house technicians who are able to repair a wide range of surfaces, including those in the bathroom and kitchen. When we have finished work, it will look like the damage never happened. Our services include repairing items which have become damaged on building sites, including enamel sinks.

Our experienced team of professionals regularly repair sinks which have been damaged by a falling object. We can get rid of any cracks, scratches and chips you might have suffered.

If you require enamel sink repairs in Essex or Luton, simply get in touch today.

0845 544 3752 or email info@fixation-repairs.co.uk