Are you worried about damage to your kitchen sink and are looking for expert repairs? 

Given how much wear and tear they undergo, it’s incredible kitchen sinks don’t get damaged more often. Whether you’re cleaning knives or accidently dropping heavy saucepans, they’re usually extremely tough, but over time inevitable damage can occur.

Luckily, they are made of super-tough materials like stainless steel, but it’s possible you have one that is enamel; these types of old sinks are highly sought-after nowadays and it’s always worth keeping them in good condition.

Why choose Fixation Surface Repair Specialists for your kitchen sink repairs?

Our fully experienced and trained technicians are always happy to come to the rescue. We regularly carry out repairs to enamel and acrylic sinks, along with a variety of other hard surfaces.

We can repair all sorts of damage from chips and cracks to scratches. Our team are also highly adapted at repairing sinks in all sorts of colours- not only white.

Our services also include what we call  ‘Kitchen Chameleon’, which involves repairing old tired kitchen carcasses and doors. This also involves changing the colour to one of your choosing, this can make your kitchen look like new but without the upheaval of having it replaced.

Based in Essex and Luton, we work with customers from Brighton to Birmingham, repairing all sorts of hard surfaces.

Discover more about our kitchen sink repairs today. Or simply get in touch today on 0845 544 3752 or email