Replacing stones and bricks can be a laborious process, and many people choose to have repairs carried out instead.

Apart from the obvious practical implications of brickwork, damage also affects the aesthetics of your property- when you have chipped or cracked bricks, it can really affect the look of your home or business.

Damaged bricks can be caused by a number of factors, including damp which happens due to poorly maintained, ageing or damaged brickwork.

Frost damage and spalling can also be to blame, particularly if you have an older property. Spalling is when the brick face crumbles away, and in extreme cases can destroy the entire brick. Masonry can also become stained from graffiti or iron and magnesian staining.

Expert repairs on your brickwork by Fixation Surface Repair Specialists.

If you would rather have your bricks repaired than replaced. Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can help. Our trained technicians can easily colour-match your current brickwork, even recreating the texture where necessary.

We can also repair cracked stones and ensure that damage to your surface looks undetectable once finished. We can also offer after-care instructions to help you keep everything in good condition.

If you need brick repairs to the highest standards, simply get in touch today.

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