Thanks to an increasing focus on climate change, we’re more aware of the dangers of too many non-recyclable materials piling up at landfills.

Having household items repaired, rather than replaced, is one way to reduce the waste at landfills; it can also save you money and significant amounts of hassle. Replacing a bath can be highly expensive, especially if you have a ceramic or porcelain tub.

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists can repair hard surfaces to the finest possible standards, including those which commonly need replacing in kitchens and bathrooms. We help both homeowners and business owners to reduce levels of waste.

Our technicians are like magicians for your home and can give all kinds of surfaces a ‘face lift’. We promise the finish will always be the finest quality possible.

Considering repairing rather than replacing your bathtub?

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists regularly repair bathtubs and sinks in a variety of colours- not just white. Our technicians are highly experienced and passionate about what they do. They can colour-match your bathtub by eye, therefore making almost any repair possible.

Our friendly are always happy to offer more information on our services. For more about our professional bathtub repairs, simply get in touch today.

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