The phrase ‘set in stone’ means something is difficult or impossible to change. Unfortunately, real stone can change and get damaged quite frequently! Stone sills in particular, which have become popular on modern buildings, can easily get spoiled.

Cracked stone can not only look unattractive but if the crack becomes larger, it can be dangerous. It all depends upon whether it’s superficial damage or more serious.

Have you suffered damage to a stone wall or sill?

Stone is just one of the many hard surfaces we can fix at Fixation Surface Repair Specialists. We can repair everything from stone sills, lintels and cornice, to copings and plinths, including those which have suffered cracks or chips.

Highly skilled, our technicians can carry out stone repairs to the highest standards. This includes colour matching with your existing stone to ensure it blends in.

Fixation Repairs Specialists have worked on a wide range of properties, including historical houses, commercial sites and local attractions. We believe repairs are a great way to avoid expensive replacements and are much less disruptive. Our clients include building developers or building maintenance companies who need this type of service on a regular basis.

Once we’ve carried out brick or stone repairs, the damage will be completely invisible.

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