Whatever hard surfaces need fixing in your kitchen, then chances are our team can help.

Our Kitchen Chameleon services are one of our most popular services, giving your old kitchen cabinets and doors a new lease of life. Having your kitchen cabinets repaired is much more affordable but also better for the environment since it reduces the amount of household waste. Instead of filling up a landfill site, you’ll be essentially recycling your old surfaces.

Most hard surfaces can be fixed more easily and inexpensively than you might realise. Instead of paying thousands of pounds for a new kitchen, you can restore your cabinets and make them look like new.

Create a colour coordinated kitchen.

Along with repairing cabinets, we can also give them a new colour, which is ideal if you fancy a new colour scheme. You can change them to any RAL colour you like. As you can see from our video, this can make them look like completely different cabinets. You might be amazed by what we can do.

Based in Essex, Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists Limited work with clients all over the UK. Our experienced professionals love working on all types of projects.

Find out more about our kitchen cabinet repairs, or simply get in touch today.

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