Don’t want to spend thousands on a new kitchen? Would you prefer to keep your current cabinets and have them repaired instead? 

Kitchen cabinets are opened and closed daily so it’s not surprising they’re easily subject to wear-and-tear.

If your beautiful cabinets require some restoration work, why not call our team today? Whether the hinges are broken, or the wood has incurred cracks or chips, we’re more than happy to help.

Fixation Surface Repairs can work on all kinds of hard surfaces including all kinds of objects in your kitchen or bathroom that are often subject to damage: from flooring, wall tiles and bathtubs to kitchen tiles and cabinets. Our comprehensive services cover repairs, colour changes, improvements and modifications.

Our kitchen chameleon service is perfect for transforming old kitchens, including fixing old cabinets without having them replaced. This includes finding the exact colours to complement your scheme.

Our technicians have spent many hours on building sites and know how to repair a wide range of items, including kitchen cabinets and worktops- they will always take the greatest care when fixing any part of your home. We’re always researching the latest techniques to ensure we can fix your surfaces to the finest possible standards.

Once we’re finished your kitchen cabinets will look just like new. We look to make it more affordable to restore your kitchen, but also to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

For more information on our kitchen cabinet repairs in Essex & Luton, simply get in touch today.

0845 544 3752.