​Have you suffered damage to a bathroom sink?

Replacing a bathroom sink can be hugely expensive- especially if you’ve invested in a marble or stone sink. Unlike metal kitchen sinks, they don’t tend to be as hard-wearing.

Whether there’s been an accidental blow with a hard object or it’s suffered from thermal stress, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can fix both acrylic and enamel sinks to the highest standards.

No matter if you have an old porcelain sink, or one made of stone, most hard surfaces like this can be repaired. Often fixing any damage is much easier, cheaper and time-effective than having the sink replaced.

Whether you’ve suffered cracks, chips or scratches, we can make your bathroom sink look like new. 

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists can fix a variety of hard surfaces, including sinks of all colours- not just those which are white. Often, we can carry out sink repairs at a fraction of the cost of replacing the sink. This also means you won’t have to source replacements for your bathroom suite.

Our technicians have many years of experience making professional repairs and believe in the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’. Our head office is based in Essex and we cover a wide range of locations in the UK.

If you need a sink repaired, simply get in touch today.

0845 544 3752 or email info@fixation-repairs.co.uk