Unlike many other types of surface we cover, glass frequently suffers from breakage. Nonetheless it’s also one of the easiest to have repaired.

Fixation Surface Repairs Specialists offer glass polishing services which are ideal if you have scratches on the panes.

This relatively quick technique is ideal for restoring glass to its former glory.

Polishing means we can repair 99% of scratches to glass, making your windows look just like new. Saving time and money, it means you won’t need to replace the entire frame. It also means you can have glass repairs with the minimal amount of disruption.

Our team can also get rid of any graffiti or spatter damage on your windows.

As surface repair specialists, Fixation Surface Repair Specialists can repair, modify or improve almost any surface, including glass and UPVC.

Furthermore, we can make repairs to your UPVC window frames, whether they have minor scratches or dents, punctures or even burns.

Although this material is famous for being  highly tough and resilient, it’s not completely impervious to damage. However, even the most badly damaged UPVC frames can be fixed.

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