Our mission, to be the first company to come to mind should you require a repair, colour change, improvement or modification. ​

Our aim is to help cut costs for homeowners and reduce profit loss for businesses. We have a genuine care for the environment and so the reduction of waste going to landfill is one of our main considerations. With increasing pressure on all of us to reduce waste, Fixation is working hard to repair the many items that would normally end up in a landfill site due to accidental damage or just everyday wear and tear.

At Fixation our in-house trained technicians are able to repair a wide range of surfaces to such a high standard that after repair, it is as if the damage had never happened. We are continually researching and developing the products that we use for every repair, and the many techniques we use, and we feel we are the market leader in our field.

Every one of our technicians spends many hours on building sites, repairing a wide range of items that can be damaged through the building process. They also take great care and attention repairing damage to items in residential homes too.

Fixation Surface Repair Specialists was incorporated in 2016 by two company directors who have many years’ experience in the industry. With all their experience and know how they wanted to create a company that provided their clients with a complete package. Our customer service and our high standard of workmanship are what we pride ourselves on.

We also provide many of our clients with an aftercare service, this means that we can liaise with their customers directly and book convenient appointments for surface repairs to be carried out. We always aim to be reliable and cost effective for our clients. Our office team are always happy to assist you with any queries or questions you may have.